5 Tips to Avoid The Costly Airport Car Parking

The hidden charges are always a worse thing for a traveller who is short of budget. You always plan your budget before leaving and due to the hidden fees at multiple locations, you end up spending way more than you ever planned. These expenses are annoying for a traveller as these are not part of your holiday. Small uncounted costs like booking fees, credit card charges, etc. increase your budget quickly.

1. Use Off-Site car parking

If you want to save your money on the airport car parking, the first step you have to consider here is to park your car in an off-site car parking lot. Rather than looking to park your car in a parking lot which is closer to the airport. You should also consider spending some time researching private, off-site car parking lots which are located a few miles away from the airport.

Parking your car at the offsite car parking lot will definitely save your time as well as the cost with rates up to 60% cheaper. Booking your offsite car parking in advance to get rid of all the stresses of getting late. Another advantage of booking in advance means you know exactly where you have parked your car in the parking lot.

2. Book an airport hotel car parking

Booking an airport hotel car parking can be one of the best options to save your money on airport car parking. Most of the hotels offer extended cheap meet and greet gatwick to their customers who book a one night stay or more time with them. The night you will be staying in the hotel will get you free car parking. Search for the car parking rates of the hotels and compare their prices with that of a normal airport car parking lot. This is the easiest way to pick an airport car parking lot.

3. Book with a local airport car parking

Another way which can be used to avoid the airport car parking is to book with a local daily deal site which operates in your area. These websites will provide you with discounts on all types of airport car parking with up to 60%.  You can subscribe to their daily newsletter and get the latest discount updates in your inbox or you visit the website on a daily basis and search for the cheaper deals.

4. Book a rental car service

 Another way to avoid the costly airport car parking or hidden charges is to hire a car to take you to the airport. Hiring a car in your hometown may even cost you less than the parking rates you have to pay to park your car. This deal will be more pocket-friendly if you are travelling for a long period of time.

5. Use a third-party booking website

Booking your airport car booking with a third party booking website will save you money. You can get multiple options for parking your car at the airport near you. There are a lot of websites available which are offering the booking of airport car parking but they can’t beat the rates of Fly Park Plus.

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