How to keep yourself active while travelling!

Travelling often lead the passengers for overeating and indulging in the local food, while paying less attention to your overall health. Exercising while travelling is often ignored because of the lack of facilities or resources that we have at home.

Use the Stairs

Anytime you face an elevator or escalator try to go with the stairs and use that instead. This will be a light exercise for you which can help you to open up your body muscles.

Walk As Often as You Can

If you have to go somewhere and you can get there safe and within the time then always consider walking option. If you need a lift to reach your places then at least walk for a bit towards your destination before getting picked up.

Stretch In The Morning

Staying active doesn’t mean you have to do some heavy physical activities. Something as simple as stretching your body for a good 30 minutes when you wake up will provide you with the natural energy to begin your day and remain active throughout the flight.

Load your mobile phone with your favourite songs

In the flight, you may face the internet connectivity issue. To have a backup, load your mobile phone with your favourite songs so that you can listen to them offline even when you do not have access to the internet.

Book off-airport car parking

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Book off-airport car parking for your car before flying from the airport. These airport parking lots are located a few miles away from the airport terminal and you have to take a shuttle bus service to reach the airport. Off-airport car parking services will save you time as well as money. Parking your car at the major airports including Heathrow airport car parking and Gatwick airport car parking is difficult as they are always crowded with the passengers.

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If you are looking to book your airport parking at all major airports in the UK, book your airport parking with Flypark Plus and get the cheapest quotes for airport parking.

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