Tips For Booking Last Minute Travel!

Whether you’re planning a trip for business or going on a family trip, no one wants to pay the expensive costs that are associated with the late booking. Here are the following tips you should consider to avoid last-minute travel.

1. Travel & Stay Mid-Week

If your plans are a bit flexible, your best savings will come from booking your trip mid-week as compared to Saturday-Sunday. These savings apply to flights, hotels and airport parking. Booking an airport parking lot or airport ticket at the weekend will sometimes cost you double that of a mid-week reservation.

2. Book through a comparison website

This sounds like crazy advice in this day and age, but booking airport parking through a comparison website directly can result in amazing savings you couldn’t get elsewhere. There was only a handful of times where the website booking couldn’t beat the direct agent prices.  

3. Be flexible with your dates, time and the airport

Having flexibility with every aspect of your travelling plans will not only keep you from having to pay ridiculous prices, but it may even save you more money than if you had booked months ago. If you’re flexible as to where you’re going, where you’ll stay and how you’ll get there, you can *almost* travel on a short budget.

If you’re up to winging it when it comes to your airport parking, you can avail great savings by utilizing the FlyPark Plus once you get to your destination.

4. Search for package deals

Sometimes bundling your flight, hotel, car rental and/or activities together via a third party website can save you a lot of money. Check multiple sites before booking to make sure you’re getting the best deal and compare the individual costs to make sure you’re actually saving money instead of falling for advertising traps.

Booking airport parking is not an easy task. We would like to remind our readers not to forget that we offer hotel + airport parking packages. Park at an airport hotel, stay the night before your flight at the hotel, and fly out the next day! It’s perfect for those early morning flights. Select the ‘Best time and the Best Deal on Airport Parking or Airport Lounges on our homepage to make a search.

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